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About Us

Seek Unique Pieces and Stand Out from the Crowd with THE PAINTLY STORE

Fashion has been and always will be an extension of one’s self as choice of clothing carries undeniable meaning, making it a strong form of self-expression. It can make people feel empowered and more in touch with their inner selves. More so, a person’s style gives off a vibe that allows other people to form an impression of one’s personality and mood. While there can be similarities in style, people especially those who are into fashion love to be set apart from everyone else especially during events. Fortunately, The Paintly Store is here to save the day as they bring limited edition pieces into the market.

Established in 2018, The Paintly Store is the pride of Maisoon Al Saleh, an Emirati Multidisciplinary Artist and the author of the book titled, 33 Years of Untold Secrets. As an artist, Maisoon Al Saleh knows the value of creativity by heart and this is what inspired her to launch the brand in Dubai. “I wanted to create a brand that allowed people to wear Limited Edition products that are reasonably priced, and easily accessible by purchasing it through the company’s website or through our iOS and Android applications,” she added.

The Paintly Store is the perfect brand for people who seek to wear a unique piece of art. With this brand, gone are the days of worrying about going to an event, party, or gathering with friends and family, and ending up wearing the same thing as someone else.

Each product created by The Paintly Store is a piece of artwork, and each of their designs in their collections are limited to one size per item only. Now, how do they maintain the exclusivity of their pieces given that they are an online brand? Every 25th of the month, The Paintly Store drops a limited edition capsule collection that caters to both men and women. The catch is the launch has a set duration for purchases. For instance, if one wants something from the collection, they need to add it to their carts and check it out because once their preferred design and size is gone, there is no other way to purchase it. The Paintly Store does not release the same item twice, regardless of popularity or customer demand.

About The Paintly Store

The Paintly Store is a Dubai-based clothing, art, and lifestyle brand established in 2018 by Maisoon Al Saleh, an Emirati Multidisciplinary Artist and Author of 33 years of Untold Secrets.

The store is located in Al Fareej Courtyard, Block B, Store no. 9, Al Rashidiya, Dubai, United Arab Emirates that's operating between Mon - Fri 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm. 



Each product is a piece of artwork.

Stand out between you're friends and family with a one of a kind outfit.

New drops every 25th of each month.

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