Windows on the silent cities by Fatma Lootah

Started young in loving art at age of 13 as far as I remember and after the high school I left it Baghdad (1973) where I studied art in the art academy but unfortunately didn't finish my studies there. After some years (1979) I left UAE to Washington DC to finish my art studies.

With the advice of my professors in the USA I moved to Italy to work in art where I started in performance art and of course doing art shows in different European cities. I have 2 studios one in Dubai and one in Verona, Italy. It is difficult to explain an artist's feelings while working, I think people have to feel that by watching the paintings.

For me the Covid period was so positive for me I really enjoyed the silence and the work during that period. I did a group of paintings called windows on the silent cities, they reflect that inner silence that I had.

My advice to the young artists is to concentrate in working, by working with heart you can reach to better levels in art and of course that gives possibilities to show in different places. Never work to sell but to work to make her or himself better as an artist. Selling comes when you have good art to show.

With good art it makes galleries and collectors comes to you.. you don't go to them.


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