Tips to find inspiration for Creatives

[ by Sanaa Merchant ]

Often human undergo anxiety, panic, or perhaps a phase in life that doesn’t let them focus and they are often disconnected. To re track back whether it is a hobby or main stream one can undergo many struggles. As an artist, I have compiled some tips that may help any person wishing to fall back on track. These tips can be encompassed in one go or even step by step into several days. Some later tips maybe useful for some to start with while some maybe already motivated by just reading them.

Tip One:

Simply create every day. It may sound easy especially when one doesn’t feel inspired. However the trick is to look at a situation in another way round and some tips to help you is:

  • Set a time aside everyday - it will help you create the habit

  • Just scribble/doodle on anything such as paper, cardboard, newspaper, old books

  • Set aside 15 minutes for this practice

  • As you get into the habit start painting on old canvases or hard papers

These simple steps will actually after a while you will find it difficult to break this habit. In fact, you will start looking forward to the time set aside for making art and you will have more ideas to take it into a form of direction.

Tip Two:

Make a list. Similar to a journal; such as:

  • Things That Made You Happy

  • Things that you are Grateful for

  • Random Things about the day

  • What makes you content

  • Your Quiet Moments

Tip Three:

Organize and prepare: Get rid of stuff that doesn’t add value or what has been not used for so long. A creative workspace functions is a huge part of how you function as an artist/creative. If your studio is overwhelmed with things everywhere, that certainly can stop your mojo.

Tip four:

Make mistakes, big or small, just make them. I would say most of us don’t find inspiration as we have the inner fear of making mistakes regardless of their degree. Also, it is absolutely OK to make them. Once you learn or perhaps you overcome this dilemma would actually help the inspiration flourish, and possibilities are unlimited. Isn’t art after all about risk? Creativity can and should never be bound.

Tip Five:

Take inspiration by what you love. It could be sketching, doodling, stamping, anything that captures your attention. Once you find your joy, try rendering it in detail. You will definitely find yourself immerse in it if that is what you actually loved from the start.

Tip Six:

Practice, Practice & Practice. Even if it is for 10 minutes in a day.

Tip Seven:

Work intuitively. Don’t over analyze everything. Leave things to one’s inner feeling and don’t plan out anything beforehand. In fact, just concentrate on creating only by trusting the internal voice within us to feel inspired.

Tip Eight:

Stay focused!

Tip Nine:

Be connected to nature. Whether it is a walk in the park, or the beach or even arrange flowers that make you happy in your work/home surrounding. Certainly one will find beauty in its details.

Tip Ten:

Be yourself.