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Masarratfatima Sulaimani: I am an Indian artist residing in UAE. I specialize in paper cut art. I explore Paper cut art with various mediums such as watercolor, acrylics along with the interplay of lights and shadows. Inspired by nature, architecture, and human emotions I try to communicate my feeling and expression through layers of paper.

After graduating from the Maharaja Sayaji Rao University of Baroda, India with a Bachelor of Visual Arts. I came to the UAE. Initially, I worked as a graphic designer and then as an artist using traditional media like Acrylics and watercolor. Somehow I felt like something was amiss. On one occasion I had to gift my niece a birthday present I wanted to gift her something unique instead of opting for traditional media I decided to experiment with paper and cut out her portrait with a scalpel. To my surprise not only the final result was good, I thoroughly enjoyed the process as well, From then onwards I felt this is it. I started experimenting and building my art career in Paper cut art. After that, I got many opportunities to display my Art at prestigious venues such as Sikka, World Art Dubai, and so on. I also take art classes and workshops at various centers.

My studio is small cozy with white walls all around giving it a serene and homely feel. I have two work tables, a big one which is for cutting and drawing while the other table is more for my digital work. You will also find a variety of paper stacks and paper rolls along with many paintings hanging on the wall.

For me, Pandemic mentally was very stressful, But it was also the time to step back and introspect about myself and my art. As many of the projects got postponed I got enough to finish them relaxingly instead of the usual rush. With plenty of time in my hand, I concentrated more on experimenting with papers especially their folds and curves. I started sketching regularly at least one sketch a day. All these activities helped me immensely to stay focused and improve myself as an artist

Meeting people, attending exhibitions and fairs is one of the many ways to get opportunities. Talking to curators and gallery owners, applying for open calls helps a great deal. Sometimes just being there and giving you the best results in the most unexpected opportunities.

My collector base mostly comes from exhibiting at art fairs. Also, Instagram is a great platform. As my art form is unique and not many know about it so I do take paper cut workshops that spreads the word.

For the young talent, My advise will be keep practicing and be courageous. Don't be afraid to present your art to the masses be it through Instagram or galleries, Talk to other artists, learn from them, be inspired, and learn new things. It's important to be persistent and disciplined at the same time enjoy the process.


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