Get to know the first Emirati Jewelry Artist

Azza Al Qubaisi, I am an Emirati multi-disciplinary artist, and designer who enjoy being a mother around my little growing family.

Born in Abu Dhabi, educated in London with B.A in (Silversmithing, Jewelry Design and Allied Crafts) in 2002 and MA in (Cultural and Creative Industries) in 2015. The first Emirati Jewelry designer and artist, award winning social entrepreneur and bespoke corporate gift designer.

After returning back to UAE, I found it difficult for people to understand what I do as an artist, I focused on understanding my community through working full time as a volunteer in the morning, and focusing on planning my first solo exhibition in the evening. Through exhibition I realized the need in the market for Emirati product and from there my journey started with commissions and developing my business for product design. I enrolled in different organization like Abu Dhabi businesswoman counsel and connecting with the community was part of developing my career.

For Emerging Artist, it is particularly important to be focused on developing their technique and message giving within their art that defines their signature style. To grow further in their career and make a living, it is highly important to exhibit and participate in different local and international exhibition to develop their portfolio, apply for residency programs and collaborations if applicable.

Artists with today’s social media create their own platforms to connect with the right community and collectors online. Many artists can produce limited editions from their work or can create products inspired by their artwork, to support their journey.

I have been working in different areas in the house and my studio has become the space I store my tools and my experiments, but during the pandemic I went back to working with different materials like sand and cements to experimenting and create new pieces.

Opportunities usually comes from being active and applying for different exhibitions or open residency programs or projects.

I got opportunities from word of mouth and from people whom had received one of the pieces I had created as gifts. Nowadays I’m focused on redesigning my website and being active on social media mainly.

To create a collector base, an artist needs to be active within the community by exhibiting and running workshops.


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