It's Ella Orencillo

I am an AB Psychology major. But I started working as an Airbrush Artist when I was 16. I have been doing art professionally for 21 years now. 

My career as an Artist started in 1999. I was a sophomore university student and I work as an Airbrush Artist in my free time and until I graduated from the university. Although I did worked in a corporate set up for 9 years, I still do art on the side. I quite my full time job in 2017 to become a full time artist.

I have a very humble working space at home. Just a decent size table with all the art materials that I need. On my wall are my paintings which serves as my inspiration as well. I have been working from home since March 18th. I have used the gift of time given to create new artworks and work on my commission artworks. I also did develop some new routines in my daily life that I am happy about. Like doing yoga and exercising in the morning, taking care of my plants, cooking healthier food and meditating before going to bed. I am glad to have developed a normal sleeping and waking time as well.

I am lucky and grateful that I don’t really have to seek out opportunities. I mainly focus on improving my skills and posting my works on social media. Eventually, opportunities come. I think self-growth is essential as this will reflect in the works that you do which leads to more opportunities coming your way. Focusing on the quality of my work. Letting my works speaks for themselves. This way my collectors will always come back for more artworks from me. For me it’s not quality first, it should be “Quality Always.”

Focus on improving your self and your skills. If you are into art because of money or fame, I don’t think those are the right reasons why you should be doing art. Art has to be your passion. If you are not passionate about what you do, then when there is no more money in it what is your reason to continuously do it?


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