Inspiration Exists

Salma El Banna: I started to practice art really young at age of 4, my parents encourage me to use my imagination and to use different materials of my choice which is continued with me also in my teenage when my talent really developed and I showed lots of interest to study in Fine Arts which I graduated from, Interior design department in my city Alexandria (Egypt).

I always seek to develop my art level, even I studied Art academically in the college, but always felt that I need more, I took a master art classes with Ukrainian artist about abstract art, I spent a year working in Abu Dhabi art Hub, getting to know closely different artists “In residency” from multiple countries, how they worked, how they think about their art, and this gave me a lot of perspectives and helped me later in my inspiration times.

I also took 3 months art residency in MAS at Manarat Al Saadiyat last year which helped me to be more committed to daily practice, and how to manage to stick on my art style, it gave me lots of opportunities to know more artists and attending the Abu Dhabi art from close angle.

What I really love about my art studio that it is in the vicinity of my home, I prepared it to store my art materials, which varied (I love to try new materials all the time), a disk, easel and a big cabinet, sun light source which I really appreciate.

First, I was completing my huge commission artwork for the Abu Dhabi cultural foundation then I started my YouTube channel to teach kids Origami (Japanese folding paper art), praying that all this will finish soon, I believe that Art can make a huge difference to guarantee a fast healing from any fears, doubts, panic, stress, I am lucky to have this skill on my hand during this hard times

I am trying to find opportunities around me, by visiting more art galleries and exhibitions, get to know more connections, as art curators, updating my website and my social media platform as much as I can.

The collectors are different types and tastes, so I am trying to know them more through visiting more art galleries around to find out what is their preferences, and trying to stick more to my art style and keep developing it , which make my art identity clear and recognized.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” As Picasso said, when I follow what this quote said, It makes a huge difference because, I found out I should keep working to find out my way, don’t stop painting, this will increase your own confidence, and that’s somehow what should be will attract more people into your art.


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