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Konan Lim: I'm a Filipino artist residing in Dubai. The itch of creating art has been developed since childhood. I finished a degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture in the Philippines and currently employed as an Architect in Dubai. Since then, I actively participating on several art show/exhibition locally and internationally. I did few mural works around the town and in collaboration with the local artist.

To be honest, I never thought my art would gone this far while having a day job at the same time. Somehow, I can’t completely consider it as a bona fide career for now. Perhaps in the future. As for my situation, I dedicate myself in painting whenever I have a time or after work. Established a signature style and technique. Promoting my portfolio through a series of platform.

I just moved into a new place and haven’t find time to fix the work space. I planned of converting some space in the living room. Easel, lamps, storage trolley and a desk would do enough for me to work comfortably.

During the pandemic, an extra time like this is always a delightful opportunity for the artist. I have got to finish the pending commissioned works, starts conceptualizing upcoming group shows and the dive deeply into my piece. Discovering and learning some new techniques are never ending.

I recall a fellow artist invited me to participate in the group shows. It was inspiring experience to interact with the other artists and potential clients where I received healthy feedback. On that point, contact referrals grow from other galleries to collectors. I think attending any art shows would be beneficial to an artist. (But not at this time of pandemic situation.)

Social media plays a big part in showcasing my artworks specially, in overseas audience. It’s surprising that a lot people appreciate the message of my art and inspired by the sound of it.

I always make sure to create a top-notch quality of works clients and deliver professional service as well.

Stay focused and optimistic with your creative endeavor. Always practice professional ethics. Be active in your local art scene. Marketing portfolio by setting up website or posting constantly on social media platform. Make sure you have a back-up plans or to sustain daily living financially, unless your art is commercially inclined.


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