Attraction for colors

Alexandru Danu: I have studied fine arts in the College then at the University in Romania, City of Jassy, with a major in sculpture. But after a few years of artist’s reflections and attempts to find my way of expression I discovered a strong attraction for colors and abstract painting. Probably the abstract approach was the turning point I needed to express my creative freedom and to get to the roots of what art means to me.

My art career is more of a carousel of ups and downs, with relocations and improvised studio setups, maybe because I’m too pragmatic to stick only to one thing, but also too weird to fit into society as somebody else than as an artist. I had two solo exhibitions, several group-exhibits and some interesting collaborations starting from college onwards, most of them back home. Although I’ve been in Dubai for quite some time, I didn’t start any serious project to showcase my art until this year, maybe the quarantine woke me up and gave me some time to reflect on the truly important things. Now I’m into abstract painting but later I might get back to sculpture or figurative art, all I know is that I enjoy the ride and want to explore everything. One thing kept me going during all these years, my tendency to observe and bring beauty into the world.

My working space is like a weird scientist laboratory occupying half of my living space, with all kinds of unconventional tools, sometimes from kitchen or construction tools, a lot of jars with my favorite premixed colors. Some might say its messy, but for me it’s quite an organized and inspirational place.

When the pandemic situation emerged, in the beginning I was shocked about what’s happening, but then I realized that is not in our power to change the outcome, except from respecting the imposed regulations, so I retreat myself in the studio and work on what I love, away from other distractions, and I think most of the artist will agree that the quarantine time was a very productive and emotionally charged experience.

Web surfing, attending Art Events, social media and keeping in touch with other fellow artists are my way of seeking out opportunities, also collaborations with certain art platforms or companies.

Many of my artworks have been sold through an intermediary, but I try to keep track of my art admirers, and with some of them I’ve become good friends. I maintain a discreet, professional but friendly connection with my collectors whenever it’s possible, by sending them personalized greetings and best wishes if I find it appropriate and also keeping them updated on my latest projects and artworks, therefore having they’re up to date contact details it’s a must. In the end they’re owning something in which I put a lot of love and care.

First of all, my advice to the new emerging artists is to have faith in their own abilities and to never undermine the power and importance of art and culture. I personally have a strong belief that sensitiveness and responsibility are some of the highest values that make us human and one way to cultivate these virtues is through art. An artist’s career is hard but also one of the most rewarding in the long run. Once you set up your beliefs and discipline, there is an A to Z process that requires adaptability, strength and consistency trimmed for every artist individually.


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