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At The Paintly Store (Est 2018), art lovers and art collectors can explore various artworks by UAE based artists! It's a gateway for inspiration...

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an Artwork

The Paintly Store has the option to customize a mural or painting in the colors, size and style to suit all tastes and requirements.

Konan Lim, Painter

It's always exciting for an artist to showcase their work specially at this situation and this show gives an opportunity to the artist a voice that would communicate visually to the community.

Alexandru Danu, Artist

As we all know that the current situation is affecting everyone in every sense, I think the right approach is to turn the hardship into success. The Paintly Store sets a good example by offering a chance for the UAE based artists to be recognized and to share their creations with the public during these difficult times.

Ismail CP, Digital Artist

The Paintly Store had given us small aspiring artist the huge opportunity to showcase not only our work but us. There are so many  Artist out there with so much  potential and people like you are giving them the chance to be heard. I hope you continue your campaign in support for us artist.

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