• Credit / Debit Cards


  • Wire transfer

  • Offline Payments



Once your order has been shipped, we will email you a tracking number to track your shipment details. 


Your refunds will always be directed to the original form of payment and usually appear on your bank statement within 7-10 days.


Please note, depending on your bank, refunds can appear on your statement in different forms:


* A new line item: The refund is listed as a separate transaction
* Reversal charge: The original transaction will be voided


Unfortunately we are only able to process refunds within 60 days after the order has been shipped. We are happy to provide store credit for orders being returned after that period.

Customer's whom claim a refund should deliver back the purchased item in a perfect condition with no scratches and packed. For the Mystery Art Box for example once the box seal is opened it's considered unpacked and used, as the concept of that box is being a mystery art box with unknown art supplies as mentioned on our portal.


In case the product has been delivered and the customer have not picked it up, we don't issue a refund as it's the customer's responsibility to pick up the delivery. 


There could be a few reasons for why your promo code is not working:


*We do not allow most promos to be combined
*Your promo code is inactive


If you feel your code is active and it is not applying, our team is here to help!


Once you paid for your order we will notify you via email the expected duration you'll be receiving your order.

If you provided us incorrect delivery address details, it's the customers responsibility making sure all data submitted are accurate to receive their order therefore no refund will be provided in such circumstances

If a duration of  2 weeks upon receiving the delivery in your P.O.BOX had not been collected, you might expect the package to be resent back, therefore you could either repay the delivery fee to resend you the item back, if not the product is non refundable.  

Shipping cost may vary depending on the shipping company provider availability on a specific day / time.


Our team is standing by to help, you can reach us on info@thepaintlystore.com