Average Delivery Times

Once your order has shipped, you can expect to receive your purchase within:


Location Average Delivery Time Courier

USA 5-10 days 

Australia 5-10 days 

International 1-3 weeks Local Postal Service


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments.


Track Your Order

Once your order has shipped, you can track your order through the shipping confirmation email we send you with tracking information.

Refund Process Time

Your refunds will always be directed to the original form of payment and usually appear on your bank statement within 7-10 days.


Please note, depending on your bank, refunds can appear on your statement in different forms:


* A new line item: The refund is listed as a separate transaction
* Reversal charge: The original transaction will be voided


Unfortunately we are only able to process refunds within 60 days after the order has been shipped. We are happy to provide store credit for orders being returned after that period.

Promo and Gift Code Help

There could be a few reasons for why your promo code is not working:


*We do not allow most promos to be combined
*Your promo code is inactive


If you feel your code is active and it is not applying, our team is here to help!

Contact Us

Our team is standing by to help, you can reach out to us on info@thepaintlystore.com

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