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We at The Paintly Store are confident that the word "Diversify" your investment is common to most people. Typically, people don't think of "art" as an investment. As people are normally familiar with gold, securities, bonds and real-estate, but in our view art is a successful global investment. Making an art collection is a rare type of investment that gives people satisfaction and brings elegance and depth to their lives. While acting as an effective form of investment. 

We guide our collectors to build a great collection of art while increasing their investment with facts and figures. 

Try before you buy

This service will allow you to try your favorite work of art while being on display in your desired location by paying a minimal monthly fee, and incase you decided to keep it we can convert it into earning credits towards purchase. 

Bespoke orders

We provide special assistance based on specific requirements such as searching for a gift, customization services, and framing. 

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